May 18, 2010

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I had all my college tuition paid by a scholarship! Now I have only a tiny debt from some living expenses and it feels great! I can’t imagine having something like $10,000+ hanging over my head. I also got scholarships to help pay for my study abroad in Italy. I got my tuition covered and some of my expenses. One of the scholarships was an assistantship. I was the assistant to the metal workshop. I learned to make jewelry and had a lot of fun spending time with classmates from my trip.

A college education is most required after because of the hopeful job scenario you get after you finish studying. There is no doubt that every one that goes to college stands a better chance of good jobs and good pay. One should not waste time in looking for scholarships but should first read the articles available on finding the right scholarship for you. Look for easy scholarships in the beginning. Many easy ways are available to do this. All you have to do is follow these procedures and help overcome your reluctance about easy scholarships.


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