November 19, 2009

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I know a friend of mine, who owns a forty three door apartment. Her son- in- law is managing all of this in her behalf because she goes out of the country to visit her children in the United States from time to time. His job is from accepting and choosing the right tenants, collecting monthly payments, repairing, reattaching and more, regarding real property management. She admires the ability of her son-in-law in maintaining the interior and exterior of the units but in collecting payments she’s very disappointed. Because he always made quarrel with the tenants, especially delinquent payees. In one incident, they were even sued to court by their tenant due to wrong eviction process. To manage and maintain a property is not that easy. You must not only focus on the property but also dealing with the kind of tenant as well. If ever you read this article and if you think that you have the same problem with my friend,I would suggest you to visit Real Property Management.


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