November 18, 2009

One Comment
I'm doing a paper for school and my personal opinion is that i think people need to grow up. It is ridiculous that obese people are suing the fast food chains they eat at, saying it was the companies that made them obese. Fast food corporations did not drive you to restaurant's and force you to buy a super sized value meal with extra mayo and then hold you at gun point and shove it down your throat. Nope, you did that all on your own.

Honestly, I think America has gone sue crazy. I don't think people should be able to sue tobacco companies either. It's time for everyone to realize that the decisions they make are their own, as well as the consequences. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and stop pointing the finger everywhere else. It's the only way we'll ever have any control over our own lives.

Any other opinions, I'm open to all.

thanks guys:)


  1. You are so right my friend. When the people realize this, maybe we will start doing things on our own, instead of waiting for the government to do these on our behalf.


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