November 20, 2009

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Chewing on muscle suddenly grossed me out—this had been alive only days ago, walking around. I had been working on this already for several weeks. I was at a point where i was eating meat only once every few days, while i built up more veggie dishes. Then, i had a tragic experience while driving my favorite short cut to work thru the forest. I thought i hit a ground hog. He did run directly under my car, there was little to nothing i could do. I don't think i actually hit him, i saw him walk away in my mirror. But i kept thinking about it all day, that i might had taken his life. That night i went out to eat and got stuck at this place with literally nothing non-meat on the menu. (Rare, it was a late-night shortlist.) I ordered this chicken cutlet pasta dish and had only 1 bite of the chicken. Chewing on muscle suddenly grossed me out -- this had been alive only days ago, walking around. It was raised to be killed just for me. That was it.

Well, we'll see how this goes. I went to the grocery store and stocked up on a huge variety of veggie staples. There's so much instant stuff now too. I often wind up making a quick dinner for myself, and even that is feasible. Always ate a lot of Indian, Thai & Chinese food and these i can still enjoy. Never was fond of 'fake-meat' soy products, but might try chopping them up and folding into omlets, quiche, soup, etc.


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