November 15, 2009

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Oatmeal acts as base for the acidity of the bug bites and itch from rashes, it has therapeutic effect and it is really good for the skin. It's soothing and it is good for those who have sensitive skin too. It also has a cleaning agent that is mild and can make our skin soft and smooth. It makes the skin free from itch and redness. I have used Oatmeal bar soap, the brand is Sw+ss, I don't know if it was from Switzerland..(Lol) Anyway, I have used it for my face and body because I had sunburn before (we had a vacation 2 years ago and we went to Boracay,beach resort)'s really effective in soothing my skin. I also found out that it heals some skin rashes and eczema. Oatmeal was used in curing skin problems back on the ancient times. The Egyptians use it as a soap, which means that oatmeal is a great cleansing agent and medicine as well.


  1. Nice post. Not quite sure why you include sexy anime illustrations with your health posts, but I'm sure they likely bring you readers that normally would not access your blog.


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