February 23, 2013

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Lamb is a delicious dish that your guests are sure to enjoy at your next dinner party. If you don't have a lot of experience cooking with this type of meat, there are a few tips that can help you. Learning how to prepare lamb isn't as difficult as you might think. This can actually be a very simple dish, though your guests will never guess how easy it was from the rich, full flavor of the finished dish.

Learning how to prepare lamb starts with choosing the right piece of meat. Look for lamb that's pink with a smooth velvety texture. Before cooking, you should trim fat and any signs of skin from the surface of the meat. This will give you a nice lean piece that's full of flavor but not dripping in grease. It's also a good idea to choose your seasonings and season the lamb appropriately before you begin cooking. You'll find lots of recipes that give you exact instructions, but you can also season the lamb to your own tastes. Once you know how to prepare lamb, it's easy to experiment with various spices and seasonings.

Mint is a flavor that's commonly paired with lamb. It's slightly sweet flavor pairs very nicely with this meat. Combined with lemon, you can get a nice tangy kick that's sure to leave your guests begging for the recipe. If you prefer something more savory, other spices that pair well with this meat include thyme, tarragon, rosemary, sage, ginger, oregano, paprika, mustard, cayenne, and curry. The method of cooking that you choose will determine how you use your chosen seasonings. Once you learn how to prepare lamb in a variety of ways, you'll be able to mix and match cooking styles and spices for the particular flavor that you like best.

If you're new to cooking and you're learning how to prepare lamb for the first time without much frame of reference from cooking other items, it may be easiest to begin with a simple roast lamb. You can season this type of lamb by cutting one-inch pockets into the meat on all sides and stuffing the herbs and spices into these pockets. Rub any remaining herbs onto the surface of the meat. Heat the oven to 325 degrees and roast the meat for two to four hours, depending on the size of the lamb.

If you want to learn how to prepare lamb with other methods, you can follow a similar procedure with slightly different guidelines. If you're grilling the lamb, it's easiest to use a marinade the night before for the best flavor. Grill the lamb for about eight minutes. To braise the lamb, place it in a Dutch oven and cook for about three hours. As you become more familiar with how to prepare lamb, you'll find that there are endless combinations of seasonings and cooking methods that you can use to create a delicious dish. Be sure to try your recipe at least once before recreating it for your party guests to make sure the evening goes off smoothly.

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