February 6, 2013

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Chicken quesadillas can be a great menu idea for a busy family or someone with a full schedule. They are easy to make and require as little as three ingredients, or you can get creative and mix and match flavors until you find the perfect combination that makes your mouth water or keep it cheap and simple. The possibilities are almost endless. In this post I'll cover a simple recipe and break down how to make a great quesadilla. I'll also throw out some ideas on how to make some more complex versions, So let's get started.

You will need:
A 12" frying pan
2 10" flour tortillas
1 cup of boneless, skinless chicken breast(pre cooked)
1 cup of shredded cheese (A Mexican blend is usually best)
Butter or margarine

Start by preheating your frying pan to medium heat. Then lightly butter one of your flour tortillas and lay it butter side down in the frying pan. Spread 1/2 a cup of your shredded cheese as evenly as possible on the tortilla inside the pan. Next, evenly distribute the entire cup of chicken on top of the cheese. Then sprinkle the remaining 1/2 cup of shredded cheese on top of the chicken. While your cheese is melting inside your pan you can proceed to butter the other flour tortilla. Place the second tortilla in the pan butter side up. It is very important to make sure your second tortilla is butter side up because you are now going to use a spatula to flip the quesadilla and let the other side brown. Do not flip the quesadilla until the first side is golden brown, the cheese should be at least starting to melt as well. The flipping process may take some time to perfect and you may end up with a lop sided quesadilla on your first try but don't worry, soon you'll be able to get both sides perfectly golden brown. If you find that your cheese is melting before your tortilla is golden brown, you most likely did not let your pan preheat long enough, or you may not have used enough butter. If you find that your tortilla is burning before your cheese is melted your burner is too high, turn it down a bit until you find the right heat setting. After both sides are golden brown remove the quesadilla from the pan. Cut into eight pieces by cutting the entire quesadilla in half, then cut both halves in half and you'll have four big pieces, Cut those in half and serve with the side of your choice, usually sour cream. Some people like guacamole as well which is a great alternative.

And it's that easy! The whole process takes about 10 minutes after you've done it a couple of times and is a great way to make up a cheap, easy meal. Now we'll touch on some things you can add or adjust to make some wild quesadilla recipes.

You can:
Substitute chicken for steak
Toss your chicken in buffalo sauce before placing it in the pan and serve with ranch dressing (my personal favorite!)
If your child is picky like mine, leave out the chicken all together. Trust me, my daughter loves it!
Substitute chicken for all your favorite veggies! Gather your favorite veggies, preheat your pan, in oil cook your veggies until tender, then make the quesadilla the same way you normally would.
You can add things like Pico De Gallo, jalapeno, bacon, pineapples, spinach. there are too many to list! I love quesadillas and there not as scary to make as some people think.

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