August 19, 2011

One Comment
I’m very picky about bananas. The banana can’t be too soft, too hard, or too green. I won’t eat it if it has brown spots. But I buy them when I see them and waste them.

Whenever I eat off a breakfast buffet, I always get one and eat it and it’s the best part of my breakfast.

I need to go pick a good one and eat it!


  1. We are picky about bananas too. I never buy more than four at a time and that lasts us two days, then back to the store! It seems like I can buy them totally green and they are already ripe the next day. Could be the summertime temperature in the house. I don't like it when we refrigerate them and they turn black. We do peel the ones that get too ripe and chop them into pieces and freeze them. Great for smoothies! (And no waste)


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