August 2, 2011

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I have noticed that here, when people talk about hamburgers, they all are speaking about a fast food chain or another or about patties that you buy already made.

Two days ago, I went to my daughter´s home for lunch. My eldest granddaughter announced that her BF was coming for a late lunch after the university.

There were no more steaks at the house so she went and bought a couple of ready made hamburgers. I noticed they were more expensive than a real steak and I would not vouch for its contents.

I make my own hamburgers at home and season them in different ways so they don´t always taste the same. I even grind the meat at home many times because I can do it with cheap meat in sale and prepare it taking away the fat and trimming it. Some of the unwanted meat I boil a long time with herbs and make good broths.

Do you make your own hamburgers? If you don´t, is it because you don´t like the homemade ones or for lack of time? Share!


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