August 29, 2011

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This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

We had tried a couple low cost pre-paid cell phone services - before I settled on wanting to try Straight Talk - I wanted to try Straight Talk because the talk minutes and the text minutes were separate - Something the other companies combined - So with another company - if I bought 750 minutes - that included both talk and text - but with Straight Talk - on their $45 unlimited plan - I could get 1000 talk minutes Plus 1000 texts and 30 MB of web data - and using their unlimited plan I never used up either one - Then we decided to get rid of our landline - and go strictly with Straight Talk - I bought one of their Smart phones - The Nokia 6790 Surge - Its Great! I have to use the Unlimited Plan with it - which is ok since it’s our primary phone now - and everyone in the family will use it as some time - My wife has my old Straight Talk T401 phone which she can use the unlimited plan with - and that's all she needs - Around where we live - there is one small area out on the highway north of us that is a "dead zone" about a mile where normally we never got any bars - but with the Nokia Smart Phone I haven't had a problem - I really like that my kids can get a hold of me when I'm not home - and my mom knows best and she told me to never lock myself into any long term contracts and this company doesn't have that - I think it’s the best deal for the money - and we're actually saving some money by going with Straight Talk and getting rid of our land line!

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Straight Talk only uses reliable phone manufacturers like LG, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung and you get nationwide, reliable coverage. All 411 calls are included for no extra charge. Like I said, no surprise charges with this company!

It looks like Straight Talk has everything you need in a cell phone to be able to call a friend or family while saving money at the same time. With no surprise bills, no long term contracts and no credit checks!

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