August 2, 2011

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I made a great old-fashioned sweet cream cake Friday night and delved right into it. I had to wrap it with foil and left it on the cooling rack over the double sink. So when I got up the next morning, the dam ants had found it and were just working their little tails off to get as much of it that they could carry to their house before I discovered them. Those little buggers work fast. I think I saw two larger ants, must have been the sergeant and lieutenant, scooting around and nudging the workers to work faster. These guys must have gone to management school they were so proficient at their nose bumps and nudges. So I wrapped the thing back up, ants and all and tossed the remaining cake into the trash can. Let 'em die in there, that would be fewer I'd have to hunt down and execute and surely they'd be dying happy.

I put some Terro Ant Killer out and the remaining battalion came hurrying out and started scarfing up the nice sweet nectar they thought they were getting. After the morning and most of the afternoon, I didn't see them thinning out enough to suit me so I got out the big gun and used a can of Raid for flying insects on them and down toward their house. Didn't take very long then. None of 'em were left or they were afraid to show their faces again for a while. Two or three ventured out again later; don't know how they missed the initial deluge, so I zapped them too. It's been over 24 hours now so I felt I was fairly safe to try for another cake.

And it is one of the best-tasting melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake I've ever made. I made a butter cream cocoa frosting and one bite will make you want to leave your spouse and come and camp outside my doorstep just to beg for another cake like it. I swear this is true!!!

When you're in your kitchen and have things to do (like want to eat your cake but can't because ants have adopted it), what do you do? Toss it? Give it to the dog or cat? Trust me, the dog would have dug in. Not so much the cat as she's not into sweets.

Oh, and the cake is ¾ gone now and I did share with the neighbor.


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