September 11, 2009

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Almost a full week with no carbonated, sugary beverage. I feel like total crap and I’m only just starting to get breaks in my near constant headache. Although this is compounded by a bout of the flu I’m recovering from.

Mostly, I’m getting through it by telling myself that the reason I feel so bad is because of the soft drinks, so drinking them is just going to bring the problems back.

Also, I’m paying close attention to all my physical symptoms. Working out when I’m really thirsty and finding what will alleviate that. Soothing my headaches with the right painkillers, moderately taken.

I’ve been drinking some kind of Cola almost every day without fail for about ten years, with a break at one point of about three weeks. And it seems quite horrifying when I think of it like that. I just don’t want to be a slave to anything. I want my actions to be my own choice, my own responsibility.


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