September 29, 2009

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It's very difficult to eat healthy these days. I've almost given up finding healthy foods in the big shops. I'm growing my own veggies now and try to do source everything else from undisturbed nature. You have all these refined foods, like refined carbohydrates and refined sugars that only fills your stomach and make you believe that you have eaten something, when in fact you are only fooling yourself. Refined carbohydrates are devoid of almost all nutrients, because of all the 'polishing' to make it appeal better to the consumer. The consumer is much to blame for this in being finicky about the appearance or the consistent taste, that all the methods used to satisfy the consumer renders the food almost useless and sometimes simply dangerous.

In your daily diet of consuming food.. Do you think you stick to a good diet and think you eat healthy?

Or are you having trouble eating the daily nutrients of food? Are you planning to eat healthy soon because you fear for your health?

Tell us on your eating habit and how healthy you think you are eating these days!


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