March 5, 2013

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If you are familiar with my writing, then you know that I am in love with my enamel cast iron Dutch oven pot. Yes, I brag about this cookware, and today is no different. This pot is the best thing to use when cooking rice. It doesn't matter what type of rice you choose to cook, the results are always perfect.

This ever-popular cookware has a way of sealing in the flavor. This means, it absorbs the flavor of all the herbs and seasoning that you add to your favorite dishes. So if your favorite rice recipe only calls for butter and salt, it would seal in the flavor of the butter and the salt making delicious buttered rice. Or, if you are like me and your favorite rice recipe calls for a blend of fresh veggies (onions, celery, garlic, and bell pepper) along with the hint of salt and a dab of butter, when you uncover the lid, the result is a well-flavored seasoned rice, where the taste of your blend of fresh seasonings can be tasted in every bite. Regardless of what seasoning you choose to include in your rice recipes making the meal simply in the Dutch oven results in simply, delicious rice.

Now if you are like me, someone who prefers to see her completed rice grain not sticky, the Dutch oven is definitely what you need. Cooking in this masterpiece always results in rice where the grains are separate and not sticky. After I have added all my seasoning to the rice mixture, I simply close the lid and the rest is history. The cookware prepares the rice perfectly with minimal work on your part. There is no need for periodic stirring. When you open the lid you will find your favorite rice meal with all the blend of your favorites seasoning, separate and not sticky.

Remember, when using your cast iron cookware the temperature gauge on your stove should always be at low to medium heat. This low heat has its advantages. First, using rice as the example, it allows the rice to cook evenly as the cookware absorbs the heat. The second advantage of the medium heat is it is a big energy saver. Now who can't use an energy saving tip? Outside the fact that using this pot results in delicious rice that is second to none, it also is a big money saver.

If everything I have said is not enough to make you run out to get your own cast iron Dutch oven, I don't know what will. As I asked, "Want flawless rice;" get a Dutch oven.

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