March 2, 2013

Most people love to eat savory dishes but there are also some who take delight in preparing the dishes that others devour. Cooking now-a-days is no longer just a hobby, people have a plethora of options when it comes to making money by cooking. You can very easily earn money by cooking your mouth-watering dishes that others appreciate. Here, we will discuss three of the most common ways of earning money by cooking.

1. Make Money At Home

You don't even need to tire yourself from the exhausting and monotonous office shifts. You can just cook at home, in your own kitchen and earn money. Also, studies indicate that home based businesses have higher survival rate than other commercial businesses. Many people opt for this alternative to regular work hours and it can serve two purposes depending on your needs:

a) Earn you some extra money, or

b) You can make a living out of it

There are various ventures you can delve into within the comfort of your home. You could bake muffins and cakes or work as a caterer for small family events. If you do not want the hassle of having to hire some people and going someplace to provide catering services, you can provide 'pick-up' catering services, wherein you provide prepared and packed foods for small scale events. This might actually be a very good option as you won't have to spend on any of the general factors like transportation, insurance of workers or even advertisement costs as your business will be minor and publicity can be done just via fliers or by the word of the mouth.

2. Working As A Chef

If you have a knack for cooking and love to work under pressure, then being a chef is the best alternative for you. The job is very challenging and requires creativity, commitment and passion for cooking. One of the most attractive features of this job is that you have ample opportunities and freedom to explore new dishes and even create your own. If you have an impressive number of experience years in the field of cooking along with a degree in a professional cooking course, then might even be offered to be an executive chef for a restaurant. This means that there is scope for growth (chef to sous chef to executive chef) in this line of work.

Along with all these benefits the monetary factor in working as a chef is also quite impressive. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay of a head (executive) chef is about $40,630. Agreed that the work takes a lot of effort to be put in and long hours as well, but the amount of freedom of work and high pay compensate for that fact aptly.

3. Opening A Restaurant

The two options explored above offer limited monetary gains because either the business is small scale or you are employed by someone else. Opening your own restaurant could be the solution of all these problems. All you have to do is make a bulk investment once but then you can receive revenues for the rest of your life.

There is very little risk associated with the restaurant business if everything in the setup phase is implemented perfectly. Profits can even be increased with time by keeping up with the new trends and adopting strategies accordingly. If the restaurant has a wide range of options in the menu for all classes, then profits are guaranteed.

So, there are options galore for you to earn money by cooking. You just have to make a start.

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