December 5, 2011

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Do you enjoy cooking in real life? I just asked that as a trick question, because whether you do in enjoy cooking in real life or not I think that you will find enjoyment in this game!

You can either play alone or compete with a friend - if you choose to compete with a friend the two of you will race to complete various tasks faster than the other, finishing the recipe in less time makes you the winner. Beware, there is always some friendly - and sometimes not so friendly - competition when my siblings and I compete.

You can choose from various recipes from various places across the globe. You will then fry, chop, boil, slice, etc, to prepare each ingredient of that recipe.

This game is quite realistic and is very fun and addicting.

I love the variety of recipes available and I feel that I have even learned from this game by finding out what certain foods are made of and also how they are made.

This is a great game!


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