December 7, 2011

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Cooking for real is a show that has many characteristics. The host, Sunny Anderson is unique in her own way and is not afraid to express herself with the food that she makes. You can tell that she really enjoys what she is doing by the way she explains the process of making the dish and the care she takes to make the dish. She makes the dish as if you were right in front of her and she was going to serve it to you, even though she isn't. You can tell that she is a really experienced cook and she really knows what she is doing. The way she makes her food, you can tell that she has made it several or more times and that she knows that recipe by heart. She shows the viewers how to make her recipe cleearly and keeps the viewer entertained enough to stay and finish watching the episode even after a long commercial. Sunny Anderson is an experienced and fun loving cook that shows you an array of recipes from her experience.


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