August 11, 2010

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I love french fries, especially its crispiness, and the salty taste. oh i dip it with a gravy sauce, wooh not a ketchup, but the chicken gravy sauce! which among you here like the taste of it? with a gravy sauce i mean? ahmmm i love it 101% actually.

but i wonder why it's much tasty when bought from the store? than cook it yourself? just too different right? when i cook it, it's complete, olive oil, enough salt...just from the instructions, but still taste so different. unlike when bought from this giant snack house like McDonald, Jollibee, KFC, etc. etc. etc. it's so their gravy sauce too, so delicious. hmmm, does this mean am not a good chef? ohhh... hehehe

any thoughts how to cook good, tasty french fries? better from the one we bought in the snack-house?


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