January 31, 2010

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Today I made a lasagna. Now usually I have to make 2 separate ones. My hubby doesn't like cottage cheese and I just love it. So I only had to make one today since I forgot to buy cottage cheese. But I did get to sneak in some spinach into the sauce when he wasn't looking. I did forget to put the canned mushrooms in but it wont make to much of a difference.

What do you put in your lasagna? Do you use cottage cheese? Have you tried it with spinach? Do you have to make separate ones for different family members? Do your children eat lasagna?

It is a excellent way to get all kinds of vegetables into a picky persons diet. The way I do most of the vegies is shredding them. I shred the celery, carrots, then I chop the onions really fine, green peppers I cut as much as I can to keep them from being big chunks when you take a bite. You can add all kinds of things like spinach, mushrooms, different peppers, fresh tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, herbs. I say if you cut it right and mix it in the sauce the flavors will be explosive in your mouth and picky eaters wont even notice.


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