October 3, 2009

I was getting sleepy every morning most 10 a.m. Couldn't figure it as I wasn't doing anything to get sleep about. But it'd hit me every day most 10 a.m. Then one day I was watching the Food Network Unwrapped series where they talk most foods, how they are made, the history and a bunch of other great and interesting stuff.

This episode was talking to Ben and Jerry's creators and they mentioned that ice cream is a good \"sleep agent\" because it has milk in it which is always something everyone knows - warm milk helps you sleep. When asked why ice cream - that really cold stuff - makes you sleepy.

The guy says drive it is made with milk and milk has metal in it and metal makes you dozy so you get sleepy. Doesn't' matter if it is hot or cold. Calcium makes you sleepy. I thought that was very interesting, but didn't think some more most it, until a some days later when I realized that I was taking my calcium supplement every morning and by 10 a.m I was sleepy! It was the metal that was making me sleepy! I tested it and stopped taking it and the sleepy spells stopped! I tested it further and take a metal tablet every period and with in most 1/2 an hour of laying down... I doze off! Granted it is just a dozy - you either go to sleep or if you get up the \"spell\" is broken, but I swear it helps me get to sleep every night! Calcium supplementation is recommend by doctors, so why not make it work overtime for you! Works like a charm for me every night!


  1. I will definitely try this as I have always had issues when it comes to sleeping. I was told I had an awareness problem and that my mind would not rest s it was always on an awareness mode.

    Thanks so much for the helpful tips :)

  2. Ive been giving my kid skim milk at night instead of 2% because I read that the protein could keep her awake. Its weird how we hear so much conflicting advice.


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