October 2, 2009

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I enjoy chicken soup just about any time of day. But, my favorite time for chicken noodle is for lunch. Maybe it's because when I was sick, or just really cold as a kid, my mom would make it for me for lunch. So, I just seemed to get stuck into that habit.

My favorite kind of chicken noodle soup is Campbell's original chicken noodle. I have tried a number of other kinds through the years, but none seem to compare to the original. I can't believe it is now 68 cents per can. Iremember when you used to be able to get 5 or 6 cans for a dollar.

I also like a ton of crackers in my soup. So many crackers, that there is no broth left. It's probably really bad for me, all of those carbs and the sodium, but I really like. Plus, my favorite crackers to eat with the soup are the Town House Zesta crackers!


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