October 6, 2009

Two weeks ago, we went out to dinner with some friends who are getting married today. We went to this fantastic sushi bar/japanese restaurant, and sat a hibatchi table where all our food was prepared fresh and in front of us. What an experience!! IT was amazing, the food was divine, and everyone had a great time!

So…they order some sushi, which I have always said that I wanted to try, just for the experience. They offered me some, which I at first declined, but then figured..it’s now or never baby!! So I did it..I had a tuna roll.

So interesting. I put a bit o f wasabi on the end, and a lit dip in the soy sauce, and then popped it in my mouth. The explosion of flavor when I bit down was AMAZING!!! Of course, once I bit again, the texture kinda got to me, but I persevered (hey, I was in the middle of a restaurant, I couldn't just spit it out, ya know?? LOL) and with each bite it got better, and finally towards the end of it it was quite enjoyable.

I seriously doubt that I will ever do it again. But I am very proud of myself for trying it, and I can say that I have done it.

I’m glad that I reached this goal, and also that obtaining it was a result fo other things I have been working on about myself, like not being so scared, and being in charge of myself.


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