July 20, 2011

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To start keeping a diary of the food I eat, which I find to be a difficult thing to do… neither cared about food nor noticed what I take up to now, so it’d be a big change to keep track of every detail. I’m not sure whether it’s better to take note of the ingredients or the higher-level combination… (what if A is safe, and B is safe, but A+B is not!)

I guess I’ll jot down everything for now, and then it’ll be another day’s painful task to figure out what’s safe and what’s not.

- Whole grain bagel and cream cheese spread (seems safe)
- Water (safe!)
- Roast beef sandwich [roast beef cuts, greens, onions, provolone cheese, tomatoes, potato chips, sour dough bread, and some random zesty sauce] (yummy and probably safe!)
- Green tea (suspicious!) For heaven’s sake, it’s tea! The ‘Nutrition facts’ says 0% everything! :)
- Yogurt (undecided!)

Compassionist made a comment the other day about chronic pain making people self-centered… I guess it’s true. In the short term, of course, I’ll try to remove the pain, and make it a non-issue. But I have to also think about some other way to accept it and perhaps get detached from it, if it’s going to last long.


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