May 29, 2012

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When it comes to quot junk food quot people will immediately think of burgers instant noodles in fact from the nutrient point of view chicken burgers can not be called junk food its protein content is high also contains a certain amount of B vitamins Junk food typically contains the true meaning of these three poor nutritional quality easy to make people gain weight unconsciously not conducive to the prevention of chronic diseases In accordance with these three meanings we come to the top row of junk food Instant noodles junk food Spirit Too Garbage Index Cola etc Soft drink Typical quot junk food quot With the exception of sugar and phosphate almost does not contain the human body needs other nutrients Currently we have too much phosphorus in food but too much phosphorus will hinder the absorption of calcium and promote calcium loss After the diet with food does not need additional sugar White wine Although many products advertised as quot pure grain fermentation quot but all the useful elements in food do not enter the white wine white wine and water in addition to alcohol and aroma substances in nutrition can be said nothing Liquor alcohol itself is a toxic substance only damage the liver but also impede the absorption metabolism in the additional consumption of B vitamins also Garbage Index Cannabis San son and other fried snack foods Protein vitamins and minerals are inadequate After prolonged heating frying oil fatty acids harmful chemical changes occur will introduce a variety of harmful ingredients To improve the taste often in which alum is aluminum contamination of food sources Candy Component is mainly sugar sugar is usually above 85 in Carbohydrate Food chocolate image of good nutrition but the real health benefits just over 70 cocoa content dark chocolate Potato chips and crispy rice Potato chips Raw material Is rich in potassium and B vitamins in potatoes the basis of good in the process of absorbing a large frying oil vitamin suffered serious losses but also unhealthy forms of quot acrylamide quot substances Meanwhile after excessive seasoning salt content higher Garbage Index Instant noodles Vitamin and mineral content is low less dietary fiber The soup contains large amounts of salt and pack MSG Butter or oil in the package package contains a lot of fat and difficult to guarantee freshness Low level but it fried low levels of acrylamide they do not join the alum Guer waste was lower than other fried snacks Extruded snack foods Protein vitamin deficiencies Surface Seasoning High salinity and some also contain aluminum Moreover many products contain hydrogenated vegetable oil which trans fat and saturated fat on heart health is very negative Moon cake And other desserts Are high sugar high fat low fiber foods high energy eat more and gain weight easily Various so called fruit material products is mainly from the fruit flavors and colors and do not represent the nutritional value of fruit Garbage Index Hamburger Containing starch protein fat and minerals Have some nutritional value the main problem is that more fat less fiber vitamin C and other antioxidants inadequate If both with vegetables beans the next meal and then eat coarse grains can be a part of the normal diet Frozen dumpling frozen meat such The main raw materials are refined grains high in saturated fat high energy lack of fiber vitamin and mineral content varies due to filling Do not need the advantage of high temperature cooking not produce poison Canned food Canned food to be included in the junk food it is a bit odd Canned cooking the most to lose vitamin C most minerals and dietary fiber almost all preserved Such as canned peaches preserved in carotene peas canned mushrooms and other vegetables retain minerals and dietary fiber meat canned no loss of minerals or even as high temperature and pressure heating bones calcium also stabbed more dissolved out


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