June 23, 2010

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Backups are a massive deal these days. With the increasingly growing threat of malware, and the sureness of all hard drives failing at some point, it's very imperative to Deduplicate data without slowing backups. Whether its documents, music, videos, or a database, most people have something they value on their computer hard drive.

Online backup services such as Mozy or Carbonite are wonderful for convenience, but there are several problems. First, they can only backup a few gigabytes effectively. Anything larger and your internet connection won't be able to handle it. MAJOR problem for most people who have a lot more data (my iTunes collection alone is 20GB and I think that's modest these days!) The second problem is, people don't know what to backup!

Thanks to SEPATON, you can easily meet your backup windows with plenty of time to spare. That’s because our VTLs back up petabytes of data at up to 17 TB per hour.


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