March 17, 2010

I know that almost everyone here plays some sort of online games,

This online free game is very amazing! Highly addictive as well.. The graphics are really great, the game play is very smooth, and the well the game it self is jut short of HOLY CRAP! shocking..

Here is the link for it, If you want to check it out, go to Google and type in Perfect World International and it will come right up for you, there you can check out the game info, graphics etc..

Come on what are you waiting for? I was and am a die hard gamer, but I have actually stopped playing all the other games I had (I actually sold and gave them all away)and am playing nothing but this funbrain, I have played all the classes and races (yes even the female one), and I must say this game is just too good, I still have laundry piled up, and I look at the clock and realize 3 hours is gone, where went it I have no idea!

In fact they have developed over a thousand of games just for us.


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